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Home Finishes and Material Selection. Building a new home or remodeling an existing one is an endeavor that comes with countless decisions. Your home needs your unique stamp on it. Beginning with a clean slate is an opportunity to choose wall colors and coverings, flooring, lighting and ceiling fans, door and cabinet hardware, water fixtures, backsplashes and counters, and bath tile, to name just several of the countless decisions. The process can be overwhelming, or it can be a joy to choose the elements of your new home. Sometimes all you need is someone who can sort through the options and help narrow the selections to those that meet your needs while giving you the visual statement you want in the home that is exclusively yours.

Wall Color Planning. Interiors that are often considered warm and inviting are exactly that because they use color. Changing a wall color can give you, in one step, dramatic change at an economical price. Where the challenge lies is selecting the right color. The color decks for Benjamin Moore, Kwal Paint, Sherwin Williams and Ralph Lauren — to name just a few of the quality paint companies — stand 9 inches tall. That’s a lot of terrific color options. Using the right colors, a room that seems busy due to too many colors can be unified by refining the colors used on the walls, trim and doors. In more formal areas, pearlescent and metallic-finished paints can make the walls shimmer. With the right colors, the curb appeal of your home can go from fading into the background to having a commanding presence.

Paint is really just a beginning. The extraordinary wall coverings today add dimension that can up the elegance in a powder room, give an edginess to a office or create romance in a bedroom.

Home Furnishings Selection & Placement. Everyone has a design style that is uniquely theirs, with tastes and preferences that reflect who they are as people and how they live, and the functional needs that must be met. Some homes are filled with kids having nonstop sports schedules. Others are vacation home retreats for their owners and guests. What everyone needs and wants, however, is a place they can walk in and immediately feel at home. It’s the place where kicking your feet up and lounging back may be on a reclining sectional, an oversize chair and ottoman, a casual chair and cocktail table or on a dock in a chaise lounge. Living in your home shouldn’t mean “don’t touch.” It should be about having furnishings that meet your needs while reflecting your tastes and preferences. Your furnishings, whether custom or not, should be beautiful and hold up to the wear and tear of active families.

Accessory Selection & Placement. Consider a room with just furnishings and no finishing touches. It’s a like a cupcake without the thick, frothy frosting, right? If you’re like me, I know no one who wants a cupcake without at least a little frosting. Whether you like just a smidge or you want the frosting swirled high, it’s the same with home d├ęcor. Your well-chosen furnishings rise to another level when the right pieces surround and complement them. It’s the finishing touches that create a warm, more livable and often functional space. It’s the final touches that make your room more interesting and make guests stand back to take it all in. Why pick an ordinary lamp, when you can select something extraordinary. Granted, ordinary does have a place in your home. Although it’s the statement pieces that will define the room, not every piece needs to be so distinctive, just as every piece doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. The right balance in any room mixes extraordinary with ordinary and less expensive pieces with those you already own or choose to purchase.

Luxury Bedding. Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. It’s the place where you end your day and begin a new one. Surrounding yourself in colors and fabrics that bring you rest and relaxation, yet stimulate the senses, should define your sanctuary. Dressing a bed in luxury bedding can take a room from being simply nice to a show-stopping success. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want their bedroom to be a knockout.

Renew, Refresh and Revive. It’s possible you have a room in your home that doesn’t get used. It’s a nice space but you’re not sure what to do with it. Or, you have family coming and the spare bedroom looks more like a storage space than a guest room. It happens, and sometimes we already have what we need to renew, refresh and revive that space. What you may not have is a fresh perspective to see the potential in a room that has been sitting quietly because it’s not being used. Every room in your home offers valuable square footage. Often repurposing items from one part of a home to another can create “new” living spaces, expanding the area of your home that you actually use and enjoy day to day. Sometimes the best way to get a new look is to begin by repurposing the old.

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